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We keep hearing that there’s no money for social care, that we can’t find enough care workers. In the UK alone, dementia costs the country over £26 billion a year.

And yet the experts seem to forget that we already have an army of carers, all of them volunteers. In this country 700,000 people support family members or friends with dementia, many of them doing so for 100+ hours a week.

The problem is that this army has no organisation, no leadership. Everyone’s fighting their own individual battle – and that’s no way to win a war.

This IS a war. Dementia is costing the world economy $1 trillion a year – and the costs are rising fast, with projections of 150 million people living with dementia by 2050.

With no medical cure in sight, the odds are stacked against us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put up a good fight. We mean to lead from the front.

Our Vision

We aim to establish a network of activity centres – The Bine – where people with dementia will spend their daytime hours each day (- just as children go to school and adults go to work.)

They won’t be just parked at the Bine! Whatever their disabilities, people still want to feel useful and engaged. So we’ll get them involved in purposeful projects and activities – for their community, for family and friends, for each other. 

Some will need lots of help, others far less. We’ll provide exactly the assistance that’s needed, with plenty of helpers. Because the normal family carers will be volunteering at The Bine for 2 days a week – that’ll get their loved ones FREE membership. 

… and follow our adventure as we set up the first model Bine Centre in Salford.

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