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Our email address is – but you can send short messages directly from here. Please fill in all fields. Note that your email is safe with us. We don’t spam and we won’t pass your details to anyone else. 


With lots to organise in these early days for The Care Combine, we won’t always be able to field calls. We’re trying to keep 4 – 5 pm (UK time) free for the phone, but if you’re not able to reach us, email us your details – telling us what you’d like to discuss too – and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

Call Alan Miles on (+44) 07846-049133 or Skype alan_miles.


The Care Combine

23 Pembroke Street


Greater Manchester

M6 5GS


We always announce new posts on The Care Combine page – and Facebook is a good place for quick-fire discussion.

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We’re @CareCombine on Twitter – and if that’s your social thing, we’d love you to join us there too. It’s maybe the best way to find others who share our interests and can help build momentum for the campaign.


Let’s link! Alan’s profile is


We’ll keep you notified when we’re planning to be about and about too, in case we’re in your area and you’d like to meet up.

No events scheduled at the moment.

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