Typical Dementia Activities at The Bine

Our aim at The Bine is ┬áto set people with dementia to work on activities and projects that they’ll find meaningful, purposeful – and fun. The best dementia activities will have an outcome, giving the participants a sense of achievement and pride.

Bine members with more advanced dementia will be able to contribute less, and may need a lot of help. That’s fine. The way we’re setting the Bine up, there will always be plenty of helpers around – including people with mild dementia. And whether we have dementia or not, it’s always good to feel included in a happy team that’s making things happen.

Dementia activities - tree planting

For the community

Street / park cleaning ~ Planting & conservation projects ~ Helping at animal sanctuaries ~ Hosting events & exhibitions ~ Running a Bine coffee shop ~ Building sensory gardens ~ Carol singing

For people in need

Visiting people who can't leave home ~ Helping with shopping ~ Dog walking ~ Dusting and polishing ~ Making flower arrangements ~ Baking ~ Growing vegetables & donating them ~ Preparing meals ~ Charity knitting

For family & friends

Making audio recordings of memories ~ Making photo albums & scrapbooks ~ Recording bedtime stories ~ Baby-sitting ~ Putting on shows & concerts ~ Hosting a Bine Open Day ~ Taking care of pets when people are away

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2 thoughts on “Typical Dementia Activities at The Bine”

  1. Alan,

    This sounds great.

    A couple of projects that could be facilitated in this type of setting;
    Supporting children in local schools with reading. – And/or other skills that individuals may have.
    Reading for Newspapers for the Blind

    best regards,


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