There are outstanding stories being written by people living with dementia and their carers, stories that give us deep insight into what it feels like to live with the illness. Our aim is to find the very best stories and story-tellers, and bring them to your attention.

If there’s a dementia story-teller who you think needs to be brought to our attention, then please let us know.


Dementia – A Spiritual Journey

We can find beauty in the most unexpected times and places. Even, as in this story from Amor Fati, when challenged with dementia. But first we need to open our eyes and start looking.

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travelling with dementia

Three Dementia Fighters

Many people regard dementia as the end of life’s story. But some show us that it can be just the beginning of a new journey, tough but fulfilling. They’re an example to us all.

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Free Fall by Mina Packer

Down The Rabbit Hole

My stories are written from the standpoint of the dementia carer. But Minna Packer gives us the authentic voice of a woman with Young Onset Alzheimer’s – she’s an outstanding writer too.

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