The Bine

Posts related to The Bine, our network of community activity centres for people living at home with dementia.

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Choice And Meaning In Dementia Care

The Bine is our radical new approach to dementia care. But how did the idea take shape? Here’s a revealing audio snippet from my brainstorming sessions with Andy Walker back in July 2017.

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We’re aiming to transform the lives of people with dementia, their carers, their families, and the country. But how can you help to increase The Care Combine’s momentum, making us an irresistible force for positive change?

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Performers at Songs Of Our Lives

All Together Now

Everyone talks about the success of dementia singing sessions. But we wanted an event. Dementia-inspired, but a great night out for the whole family too. As a bonus, this post includes 2 songs from Edwin Miles, one with a clear dementia focus.

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Expressing an opinion

A Difficult Question

Sometimes it’s the difficult question that can help us see things from a brand new perspective. How a challenge helped us to think again about The Bine.

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Dementia volunteer - street-cleaning 2018

Dementia Volunteer

Community volunteering can give people with dementia meaning and purpose in their lives. But does it work for people with advanced dementia? Two experiences from us, set 3 years apart.

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All alone with Alzheimers

The Missing

The number of dementia groups is increasing, but few of those diagnosed actually attend. Why – when 68% of them report that they feel socially isolated?

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Dementia and pets - 3

Dementia And Pets

Pets can give people with dementia a lot of joy – but may give hard-pressed carers extra work. So what about taking on short-term assignments?

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A parent with dementia: removing the stress

Won’t Someone Open This Door?

It’s not just the person diagnosed who’s affected by dementia. If you have a parent with dementia, there can be enormous emotional stress too. Here’s how we plan to help.

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