Moments we’ve treasured in our journey with dementia. Moments when we’ve learnt something new or had a flash of insight. Moments that still make us smile. Moments we’d like to share with fellow-travellers to make their path a little easier.

If you have a dementia story you’d like to share here too, we’d love to hear from you. Just email us brief details and we’ll tell you how to write a submission.

The changing faces of Lena

The Fraud

I’m campaigning for a better quality of life for people with dementia – with more contact and engagement. But am I giving my own wife the attention she needs? Is this expert just a fraud?

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Lena in Ambleside - a dementia story

Sharing The Present

Another of the dementia stories from our 2015 Lake District roadtrip. Still we enjoy moments of beauty as we live in the present. (One or two of you have asked what else I’ve written – there’s a link to a page on my Amazon publications here.)

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Dementia and alternative truths

Whose Truth Is It Anyway?

In today’s world, it can be hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. But maybe dementia can teach us empathy – to learn to tolerate alternative truths. For dementia carers, it’s an important lesson to learn.

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Where To Draw The Line

Dementia doesn’t always respect the rules of polite behaviour. In this story, Lena decides to police crimes against style – and almost lands us in trouble.

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Dementia symptoms - The Mirror

Through The Looking Glass

Stories are important: we’ll base our Bine training programme on them. Here’s another of ours – about a different kind of dementia friend.

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Dementia Visits

Coming To Visit

When you’re visiting a family-member or friend with dementia, everything goes much better if you can forget a few things too.

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Going away

Going Away

Dementia and denial. She denies. So I deny. We both get angry. Nobody wins. A story from the early days, as mild dementia takes a turn for the worse.

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Dementia and imagination - The Watcher

The Watcher On The Road

Out walking with dementia and imagination – a story showing there are still good times to be shared and enjoyed for years into the illness. First published in 2015.

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