Pictures In The Park

I was working on our latest Carer Tips newsletter, and this week the topic was Walking – 10 suggestions to encourage you to leave the car at home.

I was looking for a good photo from the walks we’ve enjoyed in our local park – always so full of interest – and found so many I liked that I couldn’t decide which to choose. So I decided to post them all – here.

So what are you waiting for? Get those walking shoes on, make sure you’ve got the camera, and get out there – whether you’re a carer or not!

Need more encouragement? Here’s a link to the newsletter with a few suggestions to get you walking. There’ll be more walking tips to follow next week too, so if you’re not already getting our free newsletters, there’s no time like the present to subscribe.

Get everyone walking!

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We have an army of dementia carers all fighting their battles alone. That's no way to win a war.

Alan Miles

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